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Forest Live is a huge outdoor live music series that the Forestry Commission England host every summer in seven incredible forests. Over the last 18 years, more than 1.75m people have attended one of these events. The great thing is that it's a chance to experience a sublime performance by one of the biggest artists or bands in the world in beautiful natural surroundings, with the money raised by ticket sales helping to ensure our forests are well maintained and sustained so that wildlife can thrive and we can all enjoy them.

Madness are highly regarded as one of the biggest names of the 80s music scene, producing their own unique take on punk and ska. The band had the prolific status of being in the charts for longer than any other group during that iconic musical period and are well known for hits including House of Fun, Driving in My Car, Wings of a Dove, Our House, Grey Day, Embarrassment, My Girl, It Must Be Love and One Step Beyond.

They will be joined on both dates by The Farm and Emily Capell.

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