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30 October - 03 November 2019

Hotel Bristol, Narrowcliff, Newquay, TR72PQ

Folk Dance Celtic Singer-songwriter Family Friendly Disabled Access

Lowender Peran is a Charity registered and set up to encourage and inspire recognition of the heritage of Cornwall and its Celtic links as a tradition that people of all backgrounds and ages can enjoy, learn about and participate in.

The Lowender Peran Celtic Festival celebrates this heritage and encourages people to value and learn about their roots and identities. From the latter part of the 19th century that was a steadily increasing recognition and promotion of the Celtic background and the festival aims to continue this.

There was a Celtic Festival held in St Ives in the early fifties and by the seventies a Cornish folk singer called Brenda Wooton found herself acting as the ambassador of this and other Cornish Celtic Festivals.

The Pan Celtic Festival was held in Killarney and was supportive of the Cornish, encouraging performers to attend and perform. The festival was renamed in recognition of Peran, and Lowender Peran was born.

A key part of the Celtic festivals are Cornish folk dancing and dance displays hold a large part of the festival.

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Sophie Stephenson
Pete Berryman

There are no camping options at this event.

Name Distance Prices From
Wheal Treasure 0.2 ml £90.00 Book
trewinda lodge 0.4 ml £35.00 Book
Fairview House 0.4 ml £45.00 Book
Hepworth 0.4 ml £50.00 Book
Westward Bed & Breakfast 0.4 ml £30.00 Book
Chynoweth Lodge 0.4 ml £70.00 Book
Alderberry Lodge 0.4 ml £70.00 Book
Invernook 0.4 ml £25.00 Book
The Escape 0.4 ml £2000.00 Book
Griffin Inn 0.4 ml £80.00 Book
The Quies 0.5 ml £30.00 Book
The Glendeveor 0.5 ml £2000.00 Book
Hotel Bristol 0.5 ml £50.00 Book
Sandy Lodge Hotel 0.5 ml £40.00 Book
Milber Guest House 0.5 ml £35.00 Book

Hotel Bristol, Narrowcliff, Newquay, TR72PQ