Llangollen Fringe Festival Llangollen Fringe Festival

Llangollen Fringe Festival

Llangollen Fringe continues to grow its local following and is achieving its aim to become 'the festival for the town in the town'.
The Fringe is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers and only receives limited public funding.

In 2007 the Fringe celebrated its 10th anniversary. From its first year in an impromptu tent on an out-of-town playing field through to its present fixed canolfan Town Hall location, via a converted weavers' shed, the Fringe has increased its reputation with every year.
Initially the Fringe's mission statement was "to provide entertainment and education to the community of Llangollen, North Wales". This mission has grown with the festival, and now, in addition to offering inspiring, eclectic and high profile events, we actively promote the concept of sustainability - culturally, socially, economically and environmentally.
This is expressed both in the festival itself and in the activities and projects which it supports through "in kind" funding, promotion or association.
How this ethos is expressed is developing over time, but will incorporate lending support to, for example, local food producers and ecological projects (sustainable environmental), local community and arts groups, including an emphasis on Welsh and youth culture (sustainable cultural), projects promoting understanding and inclusion, for instance inter-faith (sustainable social), and projects promoting enterprises such as Fairtrade (sustainable economics).

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