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11 October - 20 October 2012


The 10th Liverpool Irish Festival! Ten years is nothing, of course, compared to over 150 years history of the Liverpool Irish community, heritage and migration. The Festival builds from that and 2012 is a landmark year as Liverpool Irish Festival looks back to see how far they have come since the first Festival weekend in 2003. Times may be harder now but they continue to advance the artistic and cultural links between our City and Ireland.

Returning to the Albert Dock with a huge open air production: ‘Searching for the Stories’, and bring back the inimitable Irish Sea Sessions, the Cork Film Festival and outstanding Gare St. Lazare Players alongside newcomers such as the Dave Munnelly and the entrancing Mary Coughlan. Add in a film première, the ‘Joyce Day’, the walks and tours of historic Liverpool and other great events . Shoehorn the complete experience into 10 days to give a variety and focus to compare with the past decade’s Festivals. We invite you to be part of it!