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30 June - 01 July 2018

Belmont Park, Exeter, Devon, EX12DJ

Bit Of Everything Family Friendly Disabled Access Free

An annual celebration of equality and diversity, Exeter Respect uses music and creative arts to encourage and engage the wider community, both locally and nationally to say no to all forms of prejudice.  The Respect ethos is a simple one: racism and prejudice often spring from fear, and fear is often based on ignorance, so the aim is to overcome ignorance by getting to know one another and sharing not shunning our cultures. One of the best ways to get to know someone is to enjoy yourself with them, hence our celebratory event and adoption of the old Commission for Racial Equality slogan: All Different, All Equal!

On 9 October 2013 Exeter Respect became a Community Interest Company (Exeter Respect CIC). This decision was taken in order to give more structure and credibility to the organisation of the festival.  They are fully committed to keeping entry to the Respect in the park festival free so no-one is excluded from the celebration of diversity.


Belmont Park, Exeter

  • Gary Stewart's Graceland
  • Sound of the Sirens
Gary Stewart's Graceland unknown stage
Sound of the Sirens unknown stage
Artist Stage Day
Gary Stewart's Graceland unknown stage Unknown Day
Sound of the Sirens unknown stage Unknown Day
Name Distance Prices From
The Eyre Court 0.5 ml £60.00 Book
Swallows Eaves Hotel 2.0 ml £80.00 Book
Swan Hill House 2.0 ml £80.00 Book
Masons Arms 2.2 ml £85.00 Book
Dower House Hotel 3.7 ml £115.00 Book
Keystone Hotel 3.8 ml £50.00 Book
Stoneleigh Village 4.7 ml £56.70 Book
Cranberries Hideaway 5.2 ml £100.00 Book
Hills Farm 5.2 ml £72.50 Book
Smallicombe Farm 5.5 ml £90.00 Book
Buckley Farmhouse 6.0 ml £75.00 Book
Sid Valley Country House Hotel 6.4 ml £65.00 Book
The Mariners Hotel 6.4 ml £65.00 Book
Westwood Guest House 6.4 ml £100.00 Book
Farmhouse Cottage bed and breakfast 6.4 ml £85.00 Book

Belmont Park, Exeter, Devon, EX12DJ