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Cro Cro Land Festival is a brand-new indie music festival celebrating the thriving and exciting music scene in the South London borough and town, Croydon. It has been founded and curated by the Croydonist, a site that itself was set up to give a more positive spin on all things great and good about Croydon, as an antithesis of what is normally featured in the mainstream UK media.
As well as a strong selection of established and popular acts, there will also be some hot upcoming acts too. As gender equality is fuel for everything the organisation and the festival are about, expect a mixed and balanced smorgasbord of artists and a crew comprising of a healthy balance of both men and women too.
The venue is the awesome Urban Xchange, which is part of the Landsdowne Hotel and will take place in three special areas.
Blood Red Shoes, The Lovely Eggs and Nova Twins are among the names already announced for the event, with more to be added in the run-up to the 6th of April.

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