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Cream is a name synonymous with some of the biggest events in the world of electronic dance music. They are responsible for Creamfields, the biggest open-air electronic dance music festival of its kind and now they bring the 20,000-capacity festival to the club and event promoter's spiritual home, Liverpool.
Following on from a successful run of Cream Classical shows at the beautiful Liverpool Cathedral, that featured the 50-piece Kaleidoscope Orchestra performing some of the biggest club tracks in the brand's history, they are now pushing the envelope even further by bringing the same concept into an open-air environment at the outstandingly beautiful Sefton Park.
Along with the orchestra will be vocalists and other performers to put together a show that is bound to make the hairs on the back of your hands stand to attention,l as well as 20 of the most famous DJ's who have been an integral part of Cream's 25-year and going strong history.

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