• Laidback Luke

    Laidback Luke (born Luke van Scheppingen, 22 October 1976 in Manila, Philippines) is a Dutch DJ and producer. When he was a little boy DJ Laidback L...

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  • Calvin Harris

    Calvin Harris (born 17 January 1984), is a Scottish singer, songwriter and record producer. He was born and grew up in Dumfries, Scotland. His first ...

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  • Viv Albertine

    Viv Albertine. Born Sydney, Australia. French/Corsican father, Swiss mother. Brought up in North London (Muswell Hill). Quite poor. Comprehensive scho...

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  • Gonzales

    There are at least two artists with this name. 1) A Canadian multi-talented musician / producer (born Jason Charles Beck, aka Chilly Gonzales), known...

    Gonzales tickets'3 Tickets Available

  • Hackman

    There are several artists named 'Hackman' on : 1. Ben Hackman from Selborne in Leeds, UK, is a producer who uses 90s UK garage and dubstep a...

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  • Crazy P

    To trace the origins of Crazy P , aka Crazy Penis outside the UK, we have to go all the way back to 1996. This was the year that brought together Chri...

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  • Nerina Pallot

    Nerina Pallot (pronounced pal-oh in the French style) (b. 1975) is a London-based recording artist. Pallot was born in London, but spent most of her...

    Nerina Pallot tickets'6 Tickets Available

  • the virginmarys

    The Virginmarys are an English alternative rock band hailing from Macclesfield, U.K. Consisting of Ally Dickaty (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Rose (Bass/Voca...

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