• Vancouver Sleep Clinic

    Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the adopted moniker of 17 year-old ambient artist Tim Bettinson from Australia Vancouver Sleep Clinic on Last...

    Vancouver Sleep Clinic tickets'3 Tickets Available

  • Bong-Ra

    Bong-Ra, Jason Köhnen’s electronic alter ego saw life in 1996. Hailing from Utrecht, Netherlands, Bong-Ra initially started as a dj, but quickly focus...

    Bong-Ra tickets'4 Tickets Available

  • Dot Rotten

    Dot Rotten, formerly known as 'Young Dot', is a grime MC and producer from Stockwell, South London. He is recognised as a genuine all-rounder, being p...

    Dot Rotten tickets'27 Tickets Available

  • Krakota

    With releases on C.I.A, Critical over the last six months, 21 year old Krakota hailing from Dorchester has set the standard high. From his mus...

    Krakota tickets'8 Tickets Available

  • The Growlers

    Take 5 southern california guys, mix in some surf, stone, and psychadelic, throw them in a haunted mansion in west hochiminster and with a little luck...

    The Growlers tickets'3 Tickets Available

  • Paul Heaton

    Paul David Heaton (born May 9, 1962) is an English born singer and songwriter. He was a member of The Beautiful South, and a former member of indie ba...

    Paul Heaton tickets'17 Tickets Available

  • Midland

    Leeds-based producer Midland aka Harry Agius first gained attention through his well received collaborations with Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman, releas...

    Midland tickets'29 Tickets Available

  • Rustie

    Rustie is an electronic musician signed to Warp Records. He has also released recordings on Stuff Records, Hyperdub, Wireblock and various other label...

    Rustie tickets'39 Tickets Available

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