• Objekt

    "TJ Hertz has become one of the most admired artists of the year under his moniker Objekt, after the release of his first white label in January;...

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  • Flamingods

    Flamingods are a five piece multi-instrumental experimental band originally started by Kamal Rasool in late 2009 as a bedroom project. Their s...

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  • Solarstone

    Solarstone is a British musician/production/DJ team formed by Rich Mowatt, Andy Bury (1994-2006) and Sam Tierney (1994-1997), renowned for pro...

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  • Joker

    There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Joker is a 22-year-old programmer/producer from Bristol, UK. Currently producing some of the freshes...

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  • Bigelf

    Bigelf is a psychedelic/progressive rock band from Los Angeles, CA, United States who released their debut album in 1996. Their sound is a combination...

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  • Orphaned Land

    Orphaned Land is a progressive metal band from Petah Tikva, Israel, formed in 1991. They combine oriental elements and traditional Jewish folk...

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  • Lowri Evans

    Lowri Evans is a Bi-lingual Welsh Singer/Songwriter from Pembrokeshire West Wales. Famous in Wales for her meaningful lyrics, and her Welsh CD release...

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  • Happa
    Happa on

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