• Technical Itch

    Back in 1991 Mark Caro aka 'Technical Itch' was based in Birmingham, DJing at local parties and starting out on the production trail with a ve...

    Technical Itch tickets'3 Tickets Available

  • Eugene Twist

    Eugene Twist is a Scottish singer and songwriter from Scotland. His debut album The Boy Who Had Everything was released on January 15th 2012. ...

    Eugene Twist tickets'2 Tickets Available

  • Dyed Soundorom

    Dyed Soundorom is one of the most exciting young talents to come from the late-90s Paris club scene. 2008 is set to be the year when he goes from a cu...

    Dyed Soundorom tickets'26 Tickets Available

  • Fjokra

    " 'Fjokra' is based on the Irish name Fiachra, which is in turn derived from the Gaelic word 'fiach' meaning 'raven' " Fjokra is a ...

    Fjokra tickets'5 Tickets Available

  • Beans on Toast

    Beans on Toast is one man with a guitar, writing songs that he claims 'have the same chords' and 'sound like Billy Bragg'. Beans on Toast (known to hi...

    Beans on Toast tickets'13 Tickets Available

  • Monuments

    There are six bands with the name Monuments: 1. Monuments is a progressive metal/djent band from London, UK formed in 2009. The music combin...

    Monuments tickets'4 Tickets Available

  • John Grant

    John Grant, is an American singer/songwriter from Denver, Colorado and former lead vocalist with Bella Union cult favorites The Czars. He returned in ...

    John Grant tickets'18 Tickets Available

  • Beady Eye

    Beady Eye is a rock band formed in 2009 by four former members of Manchester band Oasis - Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock. Th...

    Beady Eye tickets'24 Tickets Available

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