• The Darkness

    There are at least six artists with this name: 1. A popular hard rock band from the United Kingdom 2. A death metal band from Germany 3. An alternativ...

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  • Miles Kane

    Miles Kane (born 17th March 1986) is an English musician. He is best known for sharing lead responsibilities and writing with Alex Turner in their sid...

    Miles Kane tickets'36 Tickets Available

  • Snakecharmer

    Hardcore Punk from Ludwigshafen, Germany Snakecharmer is also a blues rock band from the Philippines. They were featured on BLUESKRIEG CD in 2006. Th...

    Snakecharmer tickets'2 Tickets Available

  • Neville Staple

    Neville Staple was a composer and a singer for The Specials, and was one of the founding members of the Fun Boy Three. He has worked with such legend...

    Neville Staple tickets'3 Tickets Available

  • Yr Ods

    Yr Ods (trans. "The Odds") are a five-piece indie-pop band from various locations in Wales. Buy their latast (and first) EP from

    Yr Ods tickets'40 Tickets Available

  • Star Slinger

    Star Slinger is a UK based Producer and DJ. He has so far released one LP, two EP's and a bunch of singles & has provided licensed remixes for Gol...

    Star Slinger tickets'13 Tickets Available

  • Gang Colours

    As a portal into a world of daydreams, tumbling into shadows and embracing luminescence simultaneously, Gang Colours turns drum patterns into magic. B...

    Gang Colours tickets'20 Tickets Available

  • Tinashé

    Tinashé is a British-Zimbabwean singer songwriter. He released his debut album Saved in 2010.

    Tinashé tickets'23 Tickets Available

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